Monday, June 11, 2007

Memory to go..portable hard drives

I recently downloaded a few movies but my laptop was struggling and I started getting alerts for out of memory.. I have 2 External hardrives but they need an external power adapter so they arent very portable.. I had been looking at the western digital passport in the past and nothing smaller has come out by other I decided to get the 160GB but the day before I bought it WD released news of their new 250GB version! but its not in stock yet anywhere.. it retails for $199 which isnt bad if you are an on the go person like me.. I couldnt wait so I decided to grab the 160GB version which is on sale @ bestbuy for $109.. and Im loving it! its usb powered so you just plug it in w\ the provided cable and you are ready to go! its usb 2.0 so I can play movies and music right off it w\out delay.. it can be used on a Mac and PC. it’s easy to carry and no external power adapter is needed. Comes with sync & encryption and Google software. Ive backed up all my files and are carrying pics, movies all on it now..I give it two thumbs up