Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sunrocket runs out of rocket fuel..

VoIP player sunrocket closed its doors today..they were one of vonage's main competitor and their offering did look good - $200 per year for all you can talk.. this sucks for sunrocket but is it good for vonage? verizon? cable providers? who will take some of these customers? more importantly where will customers want to go? I have talked to a few people in the VoIP industry and alot still have their regular POTS lines..I wonder why?? even my parents complain of vonage and my brother's comcast line sucks in their own ways..I will write some more thoughts when I get home.. must concentrate on driving for now..


Brian said...

If you have not signed up a new VoIP provider yet, then I recommend you should go with a provider like Lingo. Lingo offer great unlimited international calling plans to former SunRocket customers. In this industry, it offers comparatively better services. At present, they have good promo offers such as monthly $21.95 promotional calling plan and annual $195 calling plan plus one month free, free shipping, free activation, free equipment and 30 day money back guarantee. I think this could be a better option for SunRocket customers.

anthony said...

I would strongly recommend all the SunRocket customers to go with a provider like Lingo. Lingo has fine new international calling plans for business and home users.

Juan said...

Nuvio has turned out to be a great alternative for me. They are a B2B provider which is entering the B2C market and they have taken the Sunrocket fiasco as an opportunity.