Thursday, August 30, 2007

google phone rumors? the gphone already exists!

last year was all about the iphone..but now that the overpriced overhyped iphone is out all you see is news of hacking it..or complains.. so we must start new rumors or hype them up which is natural - we are only humans. I have seen an increase in rumors about the gphone all over the blogs and even news covering the increase of the subejct in blogs
in a recent email convo with friends where we were discussing the iphone, 700mhz spectrum bidding and google I made the following statement:
"there is no google phone..there wont be a google phone.. the google phone already exists.. look at your phone now..its pretty much a "google phone" .. it has gmail, google maps, gtalk,calendar, SMS search, YouTube and more and even google as your home page on your cell phone browser.. all on there.. and the best part is that they never had to get their hands dirty w\ manufacturing.. or providing the service ..they are pretty much embeded in billions of handsets..the "google phone" will be more apps for phones but thats it..they will partner up w\ carriers or manufacturers to embed their "google OS" ..but if in fact they do come up w\ an actual device most likely from a parntership i could see them offering a free phone-service offering which would be ad based on the 700mhz spectrum they are after"

as you can see the gphone is has been here and its not going anywhere but into more devices.. even non-cellphone wireless devices.. I recently bought a nokia N800 internet tablet which runs on linux has Googletalk/Gmail alert, and google search as default apps out of the box see all this talk about the gphone is not necessary when is right in your pocket already..
rumors say that it could be as soon as 2 weeks for the gphone to be we'll see in two weeks..I could be way off


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Here is a great resource for the Google Phone: