Tuesday, September 18, 2007

get your ooma

ooma is finaly open to the public..for those not familiar..
I consider them the vonage of 2007..or even better.. sunrocket of 2007..since its a all you can eat pre-paid service...basically you pay $400 upfront for this ooma hub thingy.. and thats it.. free US calls for life... (actually read the small print carefully - for at least three years) ask for clarification..
not a bad deal at all.. if you are into that sort of thing but a few things to consider..
- with cell phones becoming the main way we communicate do you still use your "home" line?
- will it follow the faith of sunrocket? well at least you'll keep that little futuristic looking ooma hub as memorabilia
- if your internet goes out..no ooma..(this is the same thing for all VoIP providers like vonage)
-if E911 is not avail in your area..you may want to keep a regular line
-they cant port your number currently-so say goodbye to your number

a cool idea maybe 5 years ago late when all you can eat VoIP woulve been nice competition to vonage and other players..but I myself would rather go with something like a skypein number and be able to use that on my computer, laptop, cell phone, or regular phone..