Friday, October 12, 2007

not enough time to blog vs nothing worth blogging

Ive been super busy, the days just dont seem to be long enough... as some of you know I am no longer at NexTone (the VoIP software company as some of you know it). I left for various reasons but one was that I was getting bored - Voice has become in the last year pretty boring to me.. for example 2 years ago Vonage /skype and other VoIP players were cool..people talked about it..I talked about it.. after many issues (like lack of features, compatibility issues, lack of good service, etc) and setbacks in the industry it just wasnt the same... if IP communications is going to become this utopia where IMS makes everything pretty and work seamlesly, a bunch of issues need to be worked out.. but that wasnt the reason for this post addition I just havent seen anything great worth blogging about and I came accross this one post that I agree 100%.. especially points #3, 4, 6,10..
my RSS reader is at 1000+ do you really think I'm going to go through it? no! I have started deleting feeds due to the amount of posts they published intomobile, all things digital amongst others just put out too much in one day for anyone to keep up with...and alot of these other small bloggers were putting out stuff that was poor quality and just repetitive of bigger blogs.. ie I read a blog called ringnokia for a bit but the stuff was just recycled from other feeds.. its like everyone just tries to jump on the bandwagon talking about the iphone, the googlephone, etc etc so I end up seeing the same news more than i need to.. anyway so there you have it.. its not just because i have no time, theres been nothing worth blogging about that you probably have not already seen...Im off to NY for the weekend so maybe I'll come back with some cool stuff.