Friday, October 12, 2007

more on the state of VoIP

On yesterdays post about not blogging where I mentioned my thoughts on the state of VoIP.. I talked about how the industry had become boring for me.. and today's post on techdirt further reinforces my feelings on this by going into the third stage of voip that never happened.. my thoughts especially on features that VoIP was supposed to bring that could not be done on traditional phone line systems..I know this from personal experience, my parents wish they had stayed with their old phone line.. vonage is just too unreliable..even people in the industry still have a POTS line.. sure they may have a secondary vonage line but keep their old system as a back up.. so yeah its a cheaper solution but just features that wow me.. (getting your voicemail on your email is so 2002) not only that but do i realy want to get a service from a provider and not be sure if they will be there next year.. I mean lets look at sunrocket, lawsuits with vonage, outages with skype....