Friday, October 12, 2007

another one bites the at it again

at the end of august rumors of a google phone were at its peak - it was the iphone all over again..
and I said it wasnt going to happen.. I guess I was right, like I said the gphone already exists . as these rumors are being straigthen out.. much like the Herald tribune's article I said that they would focus only on the OS part of it.. getting into manufacturing cell phones is just too dirty.. they do apps well..actually they do apps great but entering a more into the wireless space isnt going to be easy..however they've been acuqiring the right companies in this space and its going to be interesting to see how they bring it all together.. they recently acquired (one number for life - you get a phone number and it rings up to 4 phones simultenously) then (mobile social networking) and a few days ago I saw it got (a presence, microbloging mobile app) which I loved but was restricted cause it only worked on nokia's s60 vs twitter that worked on any mobile.. so as you can see with jsut the last 3 examples theya definately lining something up..and these are just the ones I know... maybe I should read throught my 1000+ RSS feeds..


Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins said...

You should actually read the headlines of the articles you quote. The gPhone is real. It's an OS and hardware template designed by Google. Of course another manufacturer is making the parts. Do you think all the chips and boards for the iPhone were fabricated in Apple's headquarters or in a Taiwanese subcontractor's plant somewhere?

Sam Gonzales said...

thanks for your comment..
do you think that I dont know that apples iphone is not manufactured by apple? there is not a single manufacturer out there that doesnt outsource chips, boards, screens, etc

second, if you read this part of the article "While Google has built phone prototypes to test its software and show off its technology to manufacturers, the company is not likely to make phones, according to analysts.

In short, Google is not creating a gadget to rival the iPhone, but rather creating software that will be an alternative to Windows Mobile from Microsoft and other operating systems, which are built into phones sold by many manufacturers. And unlike Microsoft, Google is not expected to charge phone makers a licensing fee for the software"

to me it sounds like they are buliding the OS and showing it to manufactures like HTC and samsung who theyve been in talks to use their OS