Friday, June 13, 2008

The New iphone 3G still sucks

If you haven't heard Apple announced the much anticipated, rumored iPhone 3G this week at their WWDC conference. I followed the coverage closely via engadget and found a secret audio feed as well. With 3G, GPS and at $199! I put my name down for one but much like last time now that the dust is settling I am staying iPhone free again. There is plenty of coverage so I wont go into many details but I will give my personal reasons why you wont see me in line come July 11th.

-Made of plastic!? Rather than metal like before..get ready to see plenty of scratches and cracks

-Still no MMS support or video recording, that means you can't record video. The iPhone's camera is only 2mp, has no flash and you wont be able to send or receive pictures.

-Although battery life has inproved tremendously the phone is still sealed and you are not able to swipe dead batteries on the go, so dont leave home without your charger.

-GPS is new but as of today you wont be able to use for navigation purposes?!  It's basically Google maps with my location on steroids. Nothing else!

-3G means faster data speeds to browse the web on it but at what price? at&t has hiked up the data plan for the iPhone to $30 and that doesn't include SMS! So it's $10 higher than before. I'm grandfather into a $19 unlimited data/sms plan and for me to loose that is absurd.

So if you think the iphone at $199 is a steal, dont be fooled because you will probably end up paying more in the long run because of the increase in cost of the data plan. While the iphone 3G is a slightly better phone than the last version it's still not there.


Dan said...

The iphone I have now is so scratched up, I have had to trade out my phone 3 times because it would lock up when I would multitask. I am going back to sprint with a palm treo 800w. I loved my 700wx. It was better than the iphone I have now.

rhea said...

damn i didnt know u cant send or receive picture messages? really?

Leon said...

Nice list! Here are some more reasons why the iPhone 3G still sucks. :)

Anonymous said...

Of course, the person who wrote those 7 reasons also said that he'd be buying it anyway.