Thursday, September 07, 2006

Answering a reader's question on Intl Calling

I received the following email from Gilbert...a blog reader:
"I was writing because I was reading some of your blog and noticed that you do the whole technology and gadgets and web 2.0 thing and that you were born in Peru. I'm also into the whole web 2.0 thing and my family comes from Peru and so I wanted to ask you a question. I was wondering what you would recommend for calling Peru through the Internet. I always have to go to the store and buy calling cards which is pretty cheap, but of course there's never one when you need it. I've seen skype and countless others but I was wondering what you would recommend if any. Thanks for the help.
~Gilbert~Web Designer"

Thanks for writing answer your question... I would say skype is a good option but do you really want to be stuck at your PC? you could get a PC-less skype handset like below..and hope that the other person in Peru has skype (broadband at home is still rare in some most latin american homes though) what worked for me was Mino wireless which I talked about in May.. their rates were very low and I was calling from my cell phone on the go which is a plus for me...
last week I blogged a about REBTEL and even though I havent had a chance to test it out myself yet I would say if it works like it says it does..I will be calling family and friends worldwide alot more often... why do I love it that much w\out even having tried it out..? one Im a mobile person..never at one place always on the go... and so are alot of friends and family that live overseas..Rebtel targets us..people that dont have a home line, or sit in front of skype at set times...being able to call other cell phones using Rebtel is what its if using your cell phone is not the sort of thing you are into.. another option is to check VoIP providers like Vonage, packet 8 and sunrocket that provide low intl rates or plans that include free calls to certain conclusion..if you are a mobile person and calling a home line use Mino..if you are calling cell phones use Rebtel...and if you are a stay @ home type of caller check into the many options avail that I noted..hope that helps! now lets eat some ceviche!


Anonymous said...

Could you please give me advice on Multi origin (us, uk,ir) international calling on a cell phone?
What is an elegant solution for an international traveller who need to be in touch worldwide?

Sam Gonzales said...

this is a tough one...I would say definately get an unlocked GSM cell phone (if you live in the US and travel worldwide forget about CDMA carrier such as verizon)this way youll be able to switch SIM cards wherever you go..

for multi origin calling is best to get a local prepaid SIM card with a local number to the country you are in but this is only good for local calls! however if people from your home country lets say the U.S call you they will be dialing an international number.

now if you have a dual mode (GSM/wifi) like the nokia e61 you could have save some $ but only when under wifi coverage.

also check they have a cool solution that may help you..

not sure if i was of any help..this is a tough situation w\ not one single solution